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CID congresses provide an official platform where individuals, groups and organizations with a shared aspiration and commitment to dance come together. Being primarily intended for professionals, the congresses are open for everyone who would like to learn more and to get involved in dance without any discrimination. As the United Nations of Dance, CID has been actively promoting professional development, research and international exchange in dance since 1973, providing official support,  peer-to-peer exchange and the upgrading of dance in all countries through its members and local sections.


The therapeutic aspects of dance have been increasingly highlighted by several presenters in recent World Congresses on Dance Research. Dance therapists with academic and scientific background presented their work in presentations or research reports. Dancers and dance teachers from various backgrounds showed an increasing interest to explore the therapeutic contribution of their practices. Therapy, healing and well-being have been the focus of such initiatives through dance, movement and rhythm.


The history of healing through dance goes back to the early stages of humanity. Body, dance and rhythm referred as the most natural sources of humans to understand and relate to their environments, to understand life phenomena and to develop means to embrace both joyful and difficult aspects of it.


Today, many disciplines share the same interest not only to deal with problems but to serve for the development of more balanced individuals and societies who seek to live together in more understanding and harmony.


That is why CID celebrates the opportunity to invite scholars from several disciplines in order to explore both the current needs of societies and the ways dance and reconnection with the body can serve for the elevation of humanity.


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