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This congress aims to provide a Panoramic View to the theory and practice of dance therapy. The major objectives of the congress are:


  • To provide an overview of all the established approaches and schools in Dance Therapy; with a relevant reference to the origins of the field, scientific research, professional development as well as with a spectrum of currently available methods and services for different populations and clinical settings


  • To provide a platform in order to support the development of merging initiatives in dance; revisiting existing dance forms  and their contributions in terms of well being and therapy


  •  To review the past, present and future role of dance in the well being of individuals, groups and societies with the contribution of scholars from other fields such as sociology, history, philosophy, anthropology, medicine and theology; searching for local, population specific as well as universal and common needs of humanity


  •  Enjoying this panoramic view in the theory and practice of dance therapy, establishing new foundations for mutual cooperation while strengthening currently existing ones



And celebrating our gathering through dance, music and dialogue in the heart of this ancient city, cradle of wisdom.


Ozlem Lale Kaleli

Congress Coordinator



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