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Submitting a presentation (research report, lecture-demonstration, class, workshop, exhibition) is optional. Working language is English - other languages can be used without translation. 

Absentee presenters can register also; their presentations will be included in the program and in the proceedings.


For each presentation a text must be submitted to the Scientific Committee until 1 November 2012. Please follow the guidelines for presentations below.


Research Report (Paper)


Texts must be up to 6,000 words, including: title, name of author, text divided into numbered sections: abstract, introduction, sub-sections, notes, references, captions of illustrations, short presentation of the author, name and full address.


If you cannot attend, you can register and send your text to be included in the proceedings, after approval.


Time allowed is 20 minutes for brief oral comments (not reading the submitted text), including time for questions by the audience. All co-authors must be registered conferees, even if they cannot attend the Congress.


Lecture - Demonstration


A lecture-demonstration can include film, video or slides projection, with oral commentary by the presenter. Time allowed is 20 minutes. Send a file with details: title, text, photographs, music or video samples, duration, name and address of presenter, equipment required. (see formats below)


Master Class - Workshop


For a physical demonstration of a dance therapy technique, time allowed is 30 minutes. Send a file with the title of your class and its description. You can include photos, music and/or video samples for the proceedings. Contact the congress secretariat for your technical requirements. ( see formats below)




Publications, costumes, music, equipment for schools and other material can be exhibited or sold. Specify minimum wall and floor space required. The organizers assist exhibitors but do not assume responsibility. For any personal or institutional exhibition copies of the material must be send to the congress secretariat 2 weeks prior to the congress. Send text file for the proceedings. (see formats below)


If you cannot attend, you can register and send material to be put into participants' bags.


Guidelines for presentations


For each presentation send a text to be included in the proceedings. Texts must be in English, in .doc format. Additionally you can send your text in any other language (as separate file).


To accompany your text you can send illustrations, music and/or video samples, files numbered 1 to 10 (no more) with their captions listed in the above text file.


Illustrations must be in .jpg format, up to 500 kb each.


Music samples in .mp3 format.


Video samples format: .mpeg2 or .divx. Maximum total size: 2 mbytes.


Each participant can submit only one presentation in each category (not two classes or two performances, for example).


Send the complete text by email (eventually also in printed form) before 1th of November 2012 to be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and included in the proceedings.


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