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My most respectful Mr President Alkis Raftis,  the efficient and charismatic Ms Ada Angelli, the pristine and gentle Ms Lambrini Raikou, the committed hearts of the Athens Secretariat, the efficient support staff ,


As i write to you ...each word embraces the limitation of a pen that can never ever truly embrace the feelings resurging within me. If only i could be at two places at the same time and fly with my feelings(not thoughts for they are calculated directives of the mind!).

My dearest and most respectful Mr Alkis Raftis,  your absolutely warm, casual yet firm  approach  towards  each of us highlighted an experience that urged each of us to value our respective cultures a million times over! The easy manner in which you graced the conference venue 'monarch of all you surveyed and yet having the interest of your subjects at heart', the diplomatically  charismatic Ms Ada Angelli briefing the  family for the unfolding script through each rising  day, the angelic and gentle Ms Lambrini Raikou  whose waiting coffee watched on as she aligned routines, the young energetic staff who watched over proceedings and checked any crossing of set boundaries ...remain as frames that pulsate beyond  time ! Thank you for all that you represent and are symbolic of not only to me as an Artist but to the Artists all over the world!


I am working towards the creation of a section here in Mumbai just to have you breathe in my India and reciprocate the warmth  that you have breathed unto me!


my luv n regards always,


a thought away  and at the feet of Providence i remain,

in the service of Art,


lata surendra 12071



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