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Memo to CID Members

1.  Declare
Only confirmed members are entitled to use “Member of the International Dance Council CID” after their name on their stationery, visiting card, school entrance, brochures, website.

2.  List
Check your listing in the Who's Who in Dance global directory:  www.cid-portal.org  Send addresses to enrich the Directory. Visit regularly our portal, it is constantly updated, so are the sites of CID Sections.

3.  Expand
You are encouraged to nominate worthy persons, schools or companies for CID membership. Once there are enough members in your area you can found a CID Section.

4.  Support
Send membership fee in December every year to continue being a CID Member. Membership fees are the only source of income of CID, since it refuses subsidies or sponsorships in order to preserve its independence.

5.  Contribute
Take part in CID programs, as well as in meetings and activities of CID members. Prepare activities in your country and common projects with other countries. Join the local CID Section.

6.  Inform
Forward news from CID to your colleagues and to the press. Write articles, give interviews, maintain contact with journalists.

7.  Meet
Prepare your trip to the next General Assembly (every two years), a World Dance Congress  www.orchesis-portal.org/cdr/  or another CID event.

8.  Celebrate
Prepare activities for the celebration of World Dance Day (29 April). Send the official annual message to journalists.

9.  Connect
Verify that our messages are not blocked by your antivirus or by the filters of your Internet provider. To ensure you receive our messages add  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to your address book. Check that our messages are not sent to the Junk folder. Once a month we send the CID Circular. If you do not hear from us send fax.

10.  Display
Wear your CID badge at all times; we are all proud to belong to the great family of dancers of the world. Print visiting card bearing title after your name: "Member of the International Dance Council CID".

11.  Publish
If you have authored or edited books or DVDs, ask for them to be included in the CID Virtual Library. Send your printed or digital books, magazines and articles for the portal.

12.  Clarify
Type your name and registration number in the Subject Line of email messages to facilitate processing. We have a professional secretariat working two shifts a day, seven days a week, to reply to messages in many languages - help them identify you and assist you.

13.  Communicate
To call free of charge:   www.skype.com
To send membership fee:      www.paypal.com
our Paypal address is:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To translate the CID Circular or other texts :

14.  When travelling
Before travelling to another country contact CID Members there. They will brief you on the situation, provide assistance and put you in the dance picture. CID is also a vast network of select professionals, a huge family - use it.

15.  Certify
You can offer International Certification to your students.

CID membership Certificate:




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